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Farmwoman's photo published in magazine

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Myrna Jost of Hillsboro was surprised to learn in December that a photo she submitted to Reiman Publications, Greendale, Wis., was published in the December 2010/January 2011 issue of Country magazine.

She sent the photo at least two years ago and had forgotten about it. It shows six farm cats making their way through a layer of fresh snow, moving from one boot print to another.

“It was a typical snowy morning,” Jost recalled. “It had snowed overnight, and Vic (her husband) did his usual thing. He went to feed the cats and dog in the barn.”

Later, after Vic had returned to the house, the couple spotted the cats making their way back using Vic’s boot tracks to avoid the deep snow.

Jost is not sure whether she or Vic took the picture, but when they looked out and saw the cats coming, one of them grabbed the camera to capture the scene.

“They are friendly cats and love to be with people,” Myrna said.

The Josts were notified of the photo’s publication even before they received the magazine. A friend called to tell them that her brother in California had seen it.

The publication has generated a bit of excitement for the Josts.

Myrna Jost received several phone calls and was asked by one man for her autograph of his copy of the photo. She also received a letter from a woman in Spokane, Wash., and received a Christmas card from a woman in Texas who had seen the photo and recognized her name.

The Josts also received a complimentary copy of the magazine from the company.

They spent many years living on their farm southeast of Hillsboro. In October, they moved to the assisted living facility in Park Village in Hillsboro. They like to talk about the pets and other animals they kept on the farm.

“We always enjoyed the farm animals,” Myrna said.

Her submission of the unique photo is proof.

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