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Faster Internet might speed to Hillsboro

Staff writer

Hillsboro residents and businesses are being surveyed on their expectations for Internet service, and the outcome could be residential 1-Gigabyte fiberoptic service in the city’s future.

City administrator Larry Paine said Eagle Communications and Century Link already provide fiberoptic service to some local businesses, but not the entire community.

“Families are becoming more dependent on Internet services for shopping, entertainment, and using ‘smart home technology’ like thermostats, televisions, and appliances,” Paine said. Businesses are also using Internet for placing and sending orders, telemedicine, and educational opportunities. Faster Internet service will facilitate better results and fewer delays in service.

Paine said the idea of bringing fiberoptic service to Hillsboro residents is not new.

“We’ve been having this conversation over the last 1½ to 2 years,” he said.

If residents and businesses have sufficient interest in getting fiberoptic service to make the project worthwhile, Paine expects the service to be available in about a year.

Economic development director Anthony Roy will be visiting businesses to learn what their special Internet service needs are and if they prefer fiberoptic service.

Broadband surveys, available on the Survey Monkey website, are anonymous. Residents can fill out a survey by logging on at

Some of the survey questions ask if the person is interested in “affordably priced” service. Since no definite price is yet known, only the resident can decide what price is “affordable,” Paine said.

Last modified Nov. 15, 2018