• Last modified 2023 days ago (Dec. 11, 2013)


Federal conservation program opens enrollment until Jan. 17

The U.S. Department of Agriculture’s Natural Resources Conservation Service is opening the Conservation Stewardship Program for new enrollment until Jan. 17.

In the program, farmers and ranchers can receive funding for conservation improvements. Examples include using new nozzles on sprayers to reduce drift of pesticides, modifying water facilities to prevent bats and birds from being trapped, burning patches of land mimicking prairie fires to improve wildlife habitat, and rotating feeding areas and monitoring grazing areas to improve grazing management.

Now in its fifth year, the program has enrolled more than 59 million acres across the U.S. A checklist of eligibility requirements and payment types is available for producers to determine if the program is suitable for them.

Applications for the Conservation Stewardship Program are due Jan. 17.

Last modified Dec. 11, 2013