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Football not only for the boys

Staff writer

Spectators watching the Hillsboro Trojans high school football team the past three years may have noticed a female presence on the sidelines.

Senior Kyle Unruh has been the team’s manager for the past three years, and she couldn’t be more excited for the upcoming season.

Kyle got started managing the team because it was a “good activity to get involved in.”

“You can make a lot of friendships through it,” Kyle said. “Not only do I have 40 brothers on the field, I have 40 best friends in the hallway at school as well. They’re always so respectful to me.”

After learning the ropes from previous manager Kalie Siebert, who was a senior when Kyle was a freshman, she has continued to manage the team throughout high school. 

This year marks Kyle’s last as football manager, but whether she continues managing football after high school remains to be determined.

“The thought popped into my head,” Kyle said, “but it depends on what I decide to do and where I go to college.”

Kyle said she has been thankful for the opportunity to work with “some of the greatest coaches ever.”

“I didn’t know a lot about the positions and I really have learned a lot from the coaches and players,” Kyle said, “but I think it’s taught me a lot about life and a lot of important lessons.”

One of those lessons, Kyle said, was a saying that she heard while managing the team.

“Sometimes you’re gonna get tackled,” Kyle quoted, “but in the end it’s always worth it for the touchdown.”

Last modified Sept. 1, 2016