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Freedoms are for everyone -- even those we don't agree with

Journalists were abuzz this week when the U.S. Supreme Court ruled in favor of the radical group from Topeka regarding their freedom of speech rights. The court found that the group has the right to continue their protests and picketing.

No, it doesn’t seem fair that anyone can desecrate a funeral or burial of any person — soldier or civilian.

No, it doesn’t seem fair that anyone can hold signs that have words of hatred and contempt in front of our schools and churches.

No, it doesn’t seem fair that anyone can say hurtful things about our military personnel, our religions, and our lifestyles.

No, it doesn’t seem fair but those same protected rights that allow this group to do unspeakable things are the rights that allow us the same freedom.

Freedom of speech has to work both ways or it defeats the purpose. I believe the action of this group has brought communities together. It has caused us to examine our priorities and beliefs.

We don’t like it — heck, it’s even difficult to tolerate it — when these people do these things in our neighborhoods, around the state, or around the country but it’s the freedom that we have to dispute them.

The best thing we can do is ignore the group from Topeka.

It is not separating us or making us full of contempt and hatred toward them. It is making us stronger and more determined to be respectful toward others and tolerant of our differences.

— susan berg

Last modified March 9, 2011