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Frozen fog makes winter magic

A few days of cloudy, cool air set the scene for winter magic in the county this past weekend as hoarfrost decorated trees and grass.

Trapped moisture and cold air didn’t produce rain or snow, said Roger Martin, a forecaster with the National Weather Service in Wichita.

“It was just enough to cause the fog and very low clouds,” he said. “On Saturday it was dense and long-lasting enough to contribute to the creation of ice and frozen fog.”

The county has broken out of that pattern and the next few days are expected to be very warm and dry with temperatures expected to push into the 60s today, he said.

A cold front will bring chillier temperatures and strong winds that will raise the fire threat Thursday and Friday, he said.

The county is in a dry pattern now with fast-moving systems that bring cold air and wind, but very little chance of precipitation.

“It will be windy and dry,” he said. “Any spark can start a fire in those conditions and spread more easily. Be mindful of any outdoor burning.”

Last modified Jan. 13, 2021