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Fuel prices edge down as holiday weekend approaches

After reaching historic highs earlier this month, gasoline prices both nationwide and in Marion County declined slightly this week.

According to Gas Buddy’s survey of 1,329 stations in Kansas, average prices fell 4.3 cents per gallon to $4.57.

A Record survey Tuesday revealed much the same prices in the county.

The lowest price was $4.42 at Dollar General in Hillsboro. The highest was $4.69 at Casey’s General Store in Marion. Casey’s was a dime cheaper at its store in Hillsboro.

Ampride in both Marion and Hillsboro were charging $4.69 for regular unleaded with up to 10% ethanol. Flying Eagle in Florence was charging $4.65. AgriProducers’ locations in Durham, Lincolnville, and Tampa were charging $4.49.

The lowest price for off-road diesel fuel was $4.82 at AgriProducers. On-road diesel was selling there for $5.32. At Ampride, diesel fuel was $5.29 for off-road and $5.39 on-road. The highest price for on-road diesel fuel was $5.84 at Flying Eagle.

The national average price of gasoline according to GasBuddy was $4.88 per gallon.

Although that’s down this week, it’s up 28.3 cents per gallon from a month ago and $1.79 from a year ago, according 11 million price reports

Last modified June 30, 2022