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Funding a go for H2O

Loan decision will bring new water lines

Staff writer

Hillsboro city council members made quick work of a short agenda Tuesday, taking 45 minutes to make decisions on purchase of a mower, funding for a skid loader, service for manholes, and funding for water line replacement.

A planned $3.1 million water line replacement in several areas of Hillsboro will be financed with a 20-year, 2.15 percent interest loan from Kansas Department of Health and Environment. Annual payments on the loan will be $192,003.

Council members voted to purchase a 16-foot brush mower from Lang Diesel for $17,885. Lang was $35 higher than the bid from G&R Implement in Durham, but the city exercised its local purchasing policy permitting it to buy from a local business if there is no more than 10 percent difference.

Only one bank responded to the city’s December request for three-year lease purchase agreement bids to buy a skid loader that costs $41,835. The skid loader was delivered a week ago.

Marion National Bank bid six payments of $7,387.43, due in June and December at 3.34 percent interest.

City administrator Larry Paine said the council could accept the bank’s bid or put out another call for bids.

“My recommendation is to accept the bid,” Paine said. “Our unit has been delivered.”

Council members voted unanimously to accept the bid.

A contract for manhole rehabilitation by Mayer Specialty Services was extended another year. The company sprays polyurethane foam sealant on the interior of the lid and walls of manholes to prevent water, sewage, and gas from infiltrating the ground. The contract price is $12,500 regardless of the number of manholes rehabilitated during the year.

Last modified Jan. 25, 2018