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Gas prices jump after cold snap

Gas prices in the state jumped nearly 8 cents and are expected to stay higher as demand rises.

The average price for a gallon was $2.39 in Marion County, which is somewhat lower than $2.50 in the state.

Local fuel prices ranged from $2.37 to $2.39.

The national average price has jumped more than 11 cents this past week to $2.65 a gallon, according to reports from 150,000 gas stations.

“This past week’s extreme cold shot down millions of barrels per day in refinery capacity,” Patrick DeHaan, head of petroleum analysis for GasBuddy, said.

A representative for AAA said gas prices have risen to the most expensive national average since October 2019.

“When close to 40% of U.S. crude production is offline because refineries are closed, there is going to be pain at the pump until operations resume,” Jeannete Casselano McGee said.

Refineries expect to restart operations this week, but prices could be in for more swings as production returns along with demand.

Last modified Feb. 25, 2021