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Geis wins showmanship at KJLS

Lauren Geis of Durham won top honors in senior swine showmanship two weeks ago at the 80th Kansas Junior Livestock Show in Wichita. A total of 704 Kansas youth exhibited 1,453 head of livestock at the show sponsored by the Kansas Livestock Association, Kansas State University, and the Agri-Business Council of Wichita.

Geis — who also won first place in two classes of dark market barrows and first in class 2 Duroc gilt, as well as third in Chianina breeding heifers and seventh in class 2 speckled market lamb — was part of a 24-member contingent of young livestock exhibitors from Marion County.

Other Results

Cedar Point

Cody Parmley: 10th in light crossbred market barrow.

Corin Parmley: sixth in meat goat, eighth in meat goat, 10th in crossbred market lamb, and 13th in crossbred market lamb.


Lisa Geis: third in commercial breeding heifer and fifth in natural market lamb.


Mesa Merrill: fifth in meat goat and 11th in meat goat.

Bryce Roberts: first in crossbred market lamb, and third in crossbred market lamb.

Landon Roberts: 13th in commercial ewe lamb.

Sa Rae Roberts: eighth in crossbred market lamb and eighth in commercial ewe lamb.


Callie Riffel: third in Duroc gilt and fourth in dark crossbred market barrow.

Jensen Riffel: sixth in dark crossbred market barrow and seventh in dark crossbred market barrow.

Kailyn Riffel: second in Yorkshire market barrow and third in light crossbred market barrow.


Cassidy Hill: first in commercial ewe lamb, first in Hampshire market lamb, and second in Dorset breeding ewe.


Tyler Entz: fifth in dark AOB gilt.

Devon Gaines: eighth in commercial breeding heifer.

Morgan Gaines: second in commercial breeding heifer.

Jack Parks: sixth in dark AOB gilt.

Tanner Parks: fourth in Duroc gilt.


Cailey Barney: eighth in natural market lamb.

Jared Barney: second in crossbred market lamb.

Elizabeth Meyer: eighth in natural market lamb.

Nicholas Meyer: 14th in commercial ewe lamb.

Kara Riffel: sixth in meat goat and eighth in commercial doe kid.

Karl Riffel: fifth in Duroc gilt, sixth in AOB breeding heifer, and sixth in commercial doe kid.

Kyle Riffel: second in commercial doe kid, fourth in Duroc market barrow, and eighth in meat goat.

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