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GES students dress as historic figures for 3rd-grade projects

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Two Davy Crocketts, two Amelia Earharts, two Anne Franks, and a variety of important historic celebrities were represented April 29 when Goessel third-graders displayed their projects on famous historic figures.

For the ninth consecutive year, third-graders dressed as their chosen figures, displayed a diorama about the person, and showed a PowerPoint presentation. The students presented their projects for each elementary school grade —kindergarten through fifth — throughout the day.

“They always feel nervous for older kids,” Goessel teacher Dale Wiens said.

For nearly a decade of projects, second-graders come in with an idea of who they want to be the next year. Amelia Earhart is a common one for girls, while Davy Crockett is common for boys. Certain types of historic figures are also more popular such as athletes — Jackie Robinson and Jesse Owens — and generals — Dwight Eisenhower and George Washington.

Reasons students chose specific historic figures were varied.

“Because she hid in the book case. I thought it was pretty interesting because the Nazis came and got her,” Savanna Wuest on why she chose Anne Frank for her project.

“She helped the Civil Rights movement, which I thought was nice of her,” Stephany Meyer said of Rosa Parks.

“He’s my favorite president,” Sam Brannon said of Dwight D. Eisenhower.

“I’ve been fascinated by her since I was 7. I just really like her because of her research,” Edel Miller said of Jane Goodall.

“I think if she had not written about her experience, people wouldn’t have known about six million Jews losing their lives in the holocaust. I think she’s a really important person,” Julianna Schrag said of Anne Frank.

“I like the way that he taught us that blacks could play major league baseball,” Nathaniel Dudte said of Jackie Robinson.

“I just like airplanes … and my sister was (also Earhart),” Faith Bray said of Amelia Earhart.

“Because he was in track. My dad coaches track and I sort of like to long jump,” Drew Lindeman said of Jesse Owens.

“I thought it was interesting how she learned brail and sign language,” Layci Froese said of Helen Keller.

“I chose Sacagawea because she was kind to everyone,” Hailey Shipp said.

“He was our first president and he was honest. He was a great leader for our country.” Nathan Impson said of George Washington.

“I found out that I wanted to invent something. I want to invent a couple of things when I get old,” Kendall Hiebert said of his reason for choosing Benjamin Franklin Benjamin Franklin.

“Because he was the first person to fly across the Atlantic Ocean,” Justice Johnson said of Charles Lindbergh.

For Christopher Strecker, his reason for choosing Davy Crockett was logical. “Because I had everything for it,” he said

“Because she’s a nurse and my mother is a nurse, so I thought she had all the stuff I would need,” Audessi Unruh said of Florence Nightingale.

“Because he was president during the Civil War and helped stop slavery,” David Simmington said of Abraham Lincoln.

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