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1st grade

Amy Flaming’s class

For Christmas I want a 4 wheeler and spider man gear. Please bring Livie a baby chick. How is Rudolph?


For Christmas I want mini brands, barbies and lol dolls, soccer ball, mommy likes new candles. How are the reindeers doing?


I with to you get a day I go day with you the north pole I would like a stuffed monkey too mom mug


For Christmas, I want OMG dolls, LOL dolls, LOL pets, LOL little sisters and a finding robot. Please bring Blackey string and cat food. Do the reindeer like oranges?


For Christmas I want a lemur stuffed animal, a puffball bucket, energy rod, and a football. Please bring mom the movie Emma and any kind of book. How are you doing?


For Christmas I want mini brand lots pop its, tangled toy and Barbies. For Maddox please bring toy trucks. How are the reindeer?


For Christmas I want a miniature car that is pink, I want the movie in enchanted. Please bring Brody will want pups for popuchrl. Santa how are your reindeer?


For Christmas I want markers. Say hi to the elf on the shelf. Joper would like a magdabuow like a mug.


For Christmas I want lab doll and legos and Barbie clothes. Please bring mom some yarn and dad a gun.

No name

For Christmas I want legos and a noo naf and a noo stoprd. Dad wood like a noo k, mom wood like a noo frog.

Mat and mom and dad

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