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GOESSEL: 3rd grade


Taught by Dale Wiens

Dear Santa,

Do you have any kids?  I have been 99 percent good and one percent bad.  Could you give my brother a stack of books?  For Christmas I would like a Wellie Wishers and books.  What is your real name? Is there a pillow under your shirt to make you look fat?  I will leave you pop, peppernuts, and an apple for Rudolf. Is Rudolph’s nose a light bulb?  I live in a house with a white door and it’s blueish. You can come in through the front door.  If big white dogs bark at you, do not get scared. Your friend,

Quinli Unruh

Dear Santa,

How many elves do you have? Is your work hard? Is your wife nice? Is your beard big? Please bring my little brother a remote control car and a Lego set.  I wish to get a helmet, gloves, putty, and Legos. I have been 75 percent good and 25 percent bad. You can come into my house through the chimney. My house is underground, and I might leave you root beer and candy. What is your real name? One more thing...please do not break my house. Your friend,

Levi Hill

Dear Santa,

Are your elves your kids?  Do your elves go to school? I´m 100 percent good and zero percent bad although that may seem backwards to you. I want an American Girl doll, a husky dog, a Been Boo animal, and an iPod. Give my teacher, Mr. Wiens, hearing aids. If you can’t fit down the chimney, go in the garage. Why do you have eight reindeer? I will set out brown cookies and milk. Why do you have a beard? Why is your beard so fluffy? How do you get down the chimney? Thank you for the gymnastics suit last year. Your friend,

Elaina Graber

Dear Santa,

Do you have a Mom?  I have been 20 percent bad and 80 percent good.  I want a big fat cow. Give my Mom earmuffs.  I will cut a hole in the roof so you can get in.  I will leave a bar of soap for you so you can eat it.  Why do you name all the reindeer? Thank you for the presents. Your friend,

Kreed Smith

Dear Santa,

Do you have a son?  Do you have a wife? Where do you go to school? Where do you live? I want an iPad for Christmas! I was 1 percent bad and 99 percent good. I want a PlayStation 4 and games for it. I will set out 1,000 cookies.  Thank you for the iPad. Can you get Gage all the types of games that he wants? Thank you for not breaking my tree. Your friend,


Dear Santa,

How many elves do you have? You might need to use your magic. My house is underground. This year I will leave vegetables because they are healthy for you. Why do you wear red? Santa, how old is Rudolf? Thanks for the drone and remote control car from last year.  This year I want video games, Legos, army toys, Minecraft, and Halo. I’ve been 98 percent good and 2 percent bad. I want Army toys for Cael. Your friend,

Gage Abbott

Dear Santa

How are the reindeer and Mrs., Claus? I hope you give Mr. Wiens lots of silliness and joy too. Also, bring joy to the kids in the world. Kids said you say, “ho, ho, ho.” Is that right? This Christmas is not about toys. It is about family. Also, I want an electric bike. Your friend,

Joshua Kahns

Dear Santa,

How is Mrs. Claus? Is she eating lots of cookies and milk? I hope she is not because she could get fat like you. No offense, Santa. I want you to give Biscuit, my dog, a gift to learn to do tricks. I want nine things for Christmas. I am only going to say two of them. I want a volleyball and a volleyball net. I have been 99 percent good and 3 percent bad. My house is white with a brown door. Watch out for my chickens because they might rip your beard. I’ll leave you truffles and Gatorade. Do your reindeer land on the roof or the ground? Do you dye your beard during the summer? Hope you don’t crash your sled this Christmas. Your friend,

Delaney Duerksen     

Dear Santa,

Is your wife nice? Do you have a son? I would like 1,000 packs of Pokémon cards. I have been 100 percent good and zero percent bad. I would like a ring for Jo. Do you have any penguins? I will leave you some mint chocolate and Pepsi. Please don’t knock my house down. I will put my house key in a special place. How many reindeer do you have? Your friend,

Dawson Wonser

Dear Santa,

What’s your wife’s real name? Is your mom alive? Do you have any real kids? This year I´ve been 95 percent good and 5 percent bad. This year can I have a haircut from my mom? This year, please give my teacher Mr. Wiens a new brain. My house is white but we don’t have a chimney so use your magic to make one. I’m giving the reindeer the milk and cookies plus chocolate chip cookies. I’m giving you some carrots and water because you need to get skinny! Are you really that fat? Why don’t you shave that beard? Thank you for not breaking down my house! Your friend,

Emily Tyler

Dear Santa,

Does Mrs. Claus help you at all? Can you get my mom a new car please?  I have been 50 percent good and 50 percent bad. My brother has been 30 percent good and 20 percent bad. I want an American Girl doll and a phone. I don’t have a chimney, but I will tape the keys on the door. I will leave you root beer and toast. Do you have a special diet? How fat are you? Do your reindeer sleep? Do they fight? Thank you for all the presents. Your friend,

Lydia Dick

Dear Santa,

Do you have a grandma? I want Pokémon cards, kittens, Beanie Boos, and a duck!  I was 100 percent good this year! My brother needs a fidget spinner. You can come at midnight to my house. Can I meet Prancer when you come? Do you have a lot of magic? I will give you milk and cookies! Thank you for the silly putty and cat you gave me last year! Your friend,

Lydia Rodeman

Dear Santa,

I want American Girl doll things for my American Girl doll. Give my mom a back pad. Give my dad headache pills. My house has a green tin roof. To get into my house go through the screen porch. The keys will be in the horse feed. Do your reindeer have black antlers? I am going to leave your reindeer cherries, and you some cookies that look like you. Do you have a wife named Emma? You’re the best! Your friend,

Athena Funk

Dear Santa,

Do you have a wife? I was 99 percent good. I would like Pokémon, Ironman, and a snow globe. I was hoping for a dirt bike for my Dad. Come to my Grandmother’s house. Is Rudolph’s nose red? Is it controlled? How about Fanta and cookies for a snack? Where do you get toys from, Walmart? Your friend,

Cael Jackson   

Dear Santa,

I’ve been 99 percent good and 1 percent bad. This year I want a phone and a stack of legendary cards. My house is white and gray and has a white door. Do you have magic in your hat? I will leave you cupcakes and milk. Do you have a grandma and a dog? I want you to bring my dog five treats. Do your reindeer fly? Do you have a brother or sister? Please don’t run into my tree this Christmas. Your friend,

Peter Kraus

Dear Santa,

Am I 50 percent good? Do you have any relatives? Can you get my mom a phone? Can you get me a cat? What are reindeer like? Do you go to the bathroom? I might leave garlic chicken for you. Thank you for the presents. My house is surrounded by trees. Your friend,

Brianna Klassen

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