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4th grade

Andrea Fish’s class

I have been really good this year. I have some questions do people give you pies and do you like milk? Do Prenses and July my elves do they have another kid that they go to when we are sleeping? And if they do have another kid what is the name of the kid? All of my pets have been good too so don’t forget them. For Christmas this year I want a trampoline and a new bed. I hope you get everything ready for Christmas.


I think I have been nice this year. I have a few questions for you. The first question is, how big is your sleigh, how fast can your sleigh go, and why can’t you drive in a plane. Those are my questions. I want a lot of stuff for Christmas. Some things are, another trampoline, a in ground pool, another dog, a snack shack, and a pet hamster. Thank you!


I’ve been sorta good this year. I want a x-box 360, legos, hotwheels, hot-wheels tracks. Hot-wheels sets, a turtle, a cat, a giant stuffed panda, a giant box of stuffed animals, a play station, 5 a bow arow, 10 practice arrows, 5 real arrows. A dart board, and 10 darts. I also would like a nerf gun and 2 packs of 100 nerf darts and a bat-man chess set.


What I want for Christmas is a baby rabbit and a new water bottle, how old are you and how many elves do you have? And what else I want for Christmas is for my family to have fun together and to have a good Christmas with my family and friends, and I want for Christmas is my friends is to have a good Christmas and Santa thank you for making all the kides happy Santa.


This year I want circle magnets, you can build with them. What are your favorite type of cookies? I don’t like sweet that much so I don’t like sweet cookies. I don’t like milk. Merry Christmas


I have been very good this year and please don’t put me on the naughty list. Here are some things I want for Christmas. I want slime, putty, coloring stuff, crafts, stuffed elephants. And I have a few questions for you. When is your birthday and how old are you. And how many elfes do you have? Oh and have you ever met the Grinch? Also do you have any kids and if you do how many do you have and what are their names? One more thing do you know the easter bunny? p.s. say hi to the reindeer for me!

Your dear friend Amily

Santa I have been good this year, my sister on the other hand knocked down the elf on the shelf and has been behind on her homework. This year I would like a bb gun, a cordless drill, and the new farming simulator 22. I would like for you to give one cookie and a present to each reindeer because they do all the hard pulling the sleigh. I would encourage you to take a look around the farm too. For Christmas I would also like you to give my parents infinite money because they do so much for me and my siblings. I would also like a pet hamster named bob, some bb’s for the bb gun, and a play station 4


I hope you have a good Christmas this year. You should get a nice cup of hot co-co after delivering all the presents because you will deserve it. I want some more pencils and if you wouldn’t mind a giant panda. Maybe a lizard or geoko.


Hello. I don’t want anything for Christmas from you.


I want a mine four weler. And some Playstation gift cards. And some pokemon.


I want a dert bike and a litle sister and a new dog and a cleen room and a charzard.


I have ben notey! But I whent a mini chainsaw

Ezra D.

I’ve ben good thas year. I cant wait intill chrismas. I have a lot of questins. What’s your favitre coolr do you play games.


I really want a new phone for Christmas. Christmas is my favoret holiday ever I love the music, cookies the funny story’s my grandpa tells me mostly what I love about Christmas is the presents I get. Santa who is your head elf? How many presents do you deliver each year? How old are you and Mrs. Claus? Ho! Ho! Ho! Merry Christmas!


I am good and bad. Sometimes Kam annoys me. My favorite rindeer is Prancer. What have you been doing? I have been playing xbox playing minecraft. And also merry Christmas.


I want a new bike. I want some new cute close. I want a cat or a puppy. I want a big art studio in my house but not in my room. I want a BIG wight bord in my room or a BIG chock bord in my room. I want art stuff for my are room. Can you get us a nother elf so we have tow elf’s please. Hey, santa do you have a favorite color, I do mine is blue.


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