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Goessel co-valedictorian finds competition in friendship

Staff writer

Stephany Meyer shared valedictorian honors at Goessel High School with friends Madison Smith and Julianna Schrag. Their friendship fostered a friendly rivalry that motivated all three young women to achieve academically, Meyer said.

“There was definitely an extra level of competition,” she said. “We all wanted to be better than the other ones, in a friendly way.”

Achieving 4.0 GPAs meant each of the three scored 90 percent or better on all assignments, but managing the stress wasn’t a concern for her, Meyer said.

“I didn’t feel much stress because I was always confident in myself,” she said.

Balancing schoolwork with her time on Goessel’s sports teams was tough, Meyer said.

“It’s harder to keep up with school while sports are going on,” she said. “I’ll be in volleyball and track in college, so I’ll have to balance academics with that.”

Meyer said the agriculture classes were among her favorites.

“Horticulture was probably my favorite,” she said. “I didn’t know I had a liking for ag coming into high school, but getting to work in the greenhouse was awesome.”

While undecided on a major, Meyer knows math is one subject she won’t extensively pursue at Bethel, she said.

“Usually math is really straightforward,” she said. “In this class we were using imaginary numbers and logarithms, it’s tricky.”

Last modified May 15, 2019