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Goessel cross-country team runs

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Goessel High School sent several runners to the Southeast of Saline meet Sept. 18 to compete on a rolling course and to Marion on Thursday. Heath Goertzen continues to lead the boys’ team with top finishes at both meets for the Bluebirds. Nathan Czarnowsky, Davis Cook and Grant Flaming are more apt to exchange places depending on who is running strong on that particular day. All of these runners now have times under 21 minutes and are attempting to break 20 minutes before the season ends.

Ali Buller leads the girls’ varsity and Kylee Unruh performs well in girls junior varsity events. Goessel will run at Harvey County East Lake on Thursday.

Southeast of Saline times


Heath Goertzen, 19:50.51.

Nathan Czarnowsky, 20:39.90.

Davis Cook, 20:43.74.

Grant Flaming, 20:44.02.

Ben Wiens, 21:19.43.

Jake Herrel, 22:15.29.

Christian Konen, 23:53.03.

Dan Smucker, 23:56.85.

Aaron Woelk, 25.24.13.

Henrik Feltens, 26:53.24.

Garrett Woelk, 27:58.14.


Ali Buller, 17:56.58.

Kylee Unruh, 18:58.20.

Rebekkah Herrel, 27:04.54.

Amelie Kirner, 27:03.

Stacee Kirshner, 27:05.10.

Marion times


Goertzen, 19:52.50.

Cook, 20:07.11.

Grant Flaming, 20:53.72.

Czarnowsky, 21:00.34.

Ben Wiens, 21:13.98.

Jake Herrel, 22:16.64.

David Hesse, 22:53.72.

Konen, 23.54.17.

Zach Wiens, 24:15.98.

Aaron Woelk, 25:00.08.

Dane Kruger, 26:17.30.

Feltens, 27:18.28.

Garrett Woelk, 28:36.03.


Buller, 16:58.07.

Unruh, 18:52.53.

Rebekkah Herrel, 26:28.26.

Amelie Kirner, 25:03.00.

Kirshner, 25:05.73.

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