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Goessel leads way to state meet

27 students from 4 county schools qualify in 30 events

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A total of 27 Marion County students — more than half of them from Goessel — qualified last week to compete in 30 events at this weekend’s state track and field meet at Cessna Stadium in Wichita.

Led by sophomore Cheyenne Sawyer’s elite winning time of 48.38 seconds in the 300-meter hurdles, Goessel qualified 17 of its students in 20 events.

The Bluebirds captured first place among boys, outdistancing the next school by 14 points, and finished second, just two points behind the winner, among girls at Friday’s 29-team Class 1A regional track and field meet at Burlington.

Hosting a Class 2A regional Thursday at Tabor College, Hillsboro qualified six in four events. Marion qualified three in five events at the same meet.

In the Burlington regional, Peabody-Burns qualified one student in one event.

Despite earning points, no Centre student qualified at a separate 30-team Class 1A regional at Washington County High School.

In addition to her elite time in the 300-meter hurdles, Sawyer also won the 100-meter hurdles for Goessel.

Grant Bryant won the 400-meter dash, and Ben Olson finished first in the 1,600-meter run.

All three of Goessel’s boys relay teams finished in first place, and as did two of three girls relays, the third one also qualifying by finishing in the top four.

For Marion, Heidi Grimmett won the 1,600-meter run at Hillsboro.

“She controlled the 1,600-meter race from start to finish and ran her best 800 meters in three years,” coach Grant Thierolf said. “It is so exciting to see her have fun while running again, and because of that joy, she is running as well as ever.”

Students placing first through sixth earned points for their teams. Students placing first through fourth qualified for state.

Competition was stiff.

“What an incredibly tough regional!” Thierolf said. “For some of our young athletes, this was a great learning experience. (I’m) really proud of the 4x400 relay. They ran almost four seconds faster this week than they did last week and still did not get to state, supporting the idea that this was the toughest regional in the state.”

Marion students eclipsed 7 personal records at the meet.

Here’s a complete list of Marion County students scoring points at the regionals:

Hillsboro 2A Regional

Finishes of Marion and Hillsboro students scoring points at Thursday’s 16-team Class 2A regional in Hillsboro:


Team — 7. Marion. 12. Hillsboro.

200 — 5. Nicholas Smith, Hillsboro.

400 — 5. Pedro Nieto, Hillsboro.

3,200 — 5. Luke Wessel, Marion.

110 hurdles — 5. Campbell Winter, Marion. 6. Zachary Denholm, Hillsboro.

300 hurdles — 3. Winter.

4x100 relay — 3. Hillsboro (Nieto, Nicholas Smith, Jamari Harris, Nate Hein).

4x400 relay — 5. Marion (Chance Shults, Tristen Dye, Winter, Wessel).

Pole vault — 3. Shults. 4. Winter.

Long jump — 6. Nicholas Cunningham, Hillsboro.


Team — 8. Hillsboro. 9. Marion.

400 — 6. Grayce Tankersley, Marion.

800 — 4. Heidi Grimmett, Marion. 5. Moriah Jost, Hillsboro.

1,600 — 1. Grimmett. 3. Emersyn Funk, Hillsboro.

3,200 — 2. Funk.

4x400 relay — 6. Marion (Kenna Wesner, Addison Cooper, Grace Hett, Grayce Tankersley).

4x800 relay — 5. Hillsboro (Mariah LaPlante, Trudy Hein, Gabbie Arnold, Jost).

Long jump — 5. Samantha Saunders, Hillsboro. 6. D’Myia Cox, Hillsboro.

Triple jump — 4. Cox. 5. Saunders.

Discus — 6. Mckinnon Waner, Marion.


Finishes of Goessel and Peabody-Burns students scoring points at Friday’s 29-team Class 1A regional in Washington County:


Team — 1. Goessel. 20. Peabody-Burns.

100 — 3. Kacen Smith, Goessel. 6. Jake Partridge, Peabody-Burns.

400 — 1. Grant Bryant, Goessel.

800 — 4. Jacob Schrag, Goessel. 5. Timothy Schrag, Goessel.

1,600 — 1. Ben Olson, Goessel. 6. T. Schrag.

110 hurdles — 3. Bryant.

300 hurdles — 5. Smith.

4x100 relay — 1. Goessel (Bryant, Skyler Wuest, Joey Lapp, Smith).

4x400 relay — 1. Goessel (Bryant, J. Schrag, Wuest, Olson).

4x800 relay — 1. Goessel (Olson, J. Schrag, T. Schrag, Wuest).

High jump — 2. Caleb Burkholder, Goessel.

Long jump — 4. Partridge.

Triple jump — 3. J. Schrag.


Team — 2. Goessel.

100 — 5. Aimee Funk, Goessel.

1,600 — 4. Jaicee Griffin, Goessel.

100 hurdles — 1. Cheyenne Sawyer, Goessel. 5. Logan Bryant, Goessel.

300 hurdles — 1. Sawyer. 4. Bryant.

4x100 relay — 1. Goessel (Funk, Brooklyn Wuest, Bryant, Sawyer).

4x400 relay — 3. Goessel (Emily Flaming, Bryant, Griffin, Sawyer).

4x800 relay — 1. Goessel (Griffin, Rylee Walker, Braylyn Hoopes, Flaming).

High jump — 4. Riley Graber, Goessel.

Long jump — 3. Funk.

Triple jump — 4. Graber.

Shot put — 5. Lyna Lehrman, Goessel.


Finishes of Centre students scoring points at Thursday’s 30-team Class 1A regional in Washington County:


Team — 21. Centre.

1,600 — 6. Kaitlynn Bina.

3,200 — 5. Allie Stuchlik.

Staff writer Delbert Peters contributed to this story.

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