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GOESSEL: Second grade

Taught by Ann Hiebert

Dear Santa,

I want a guitar, a 4-in-1 tool, and some country music. My brother wants a green watch, a stuffed pig, a slinky, and a guitar. My sister wants American Girl accessories. Were your reindeer already named or did you name them? Your friend,


Dear Santa,

My favorite color is blue. I want Star Wars Legos. How old are you? Your friend,


Dear Santa,

My favorite food is watermelon. My wish list: Legos, toy Maverick and Goose, and watermelons. How old are you? Your friend,


Dear Santa,

I live in the country. I want an Ipad. How old are you? Your friend,


Dear Santa,

I wish for a science kit for Christmas. Can it have science goggles in it? I like science. Your friend,


Dear Santa,

I’m doing good! OK. Where do I start? OK, wish list. I want a motorcycle! OK, I’m done.


Dear Santa,

I am 7 years old. I want a German Shepherd. How old are you? Your friend,


Dear Santa,

I like to swim. For Christmas I want clothes. How old are you? Your friend,


Dear Santa,

I like crafts. What do you and Mrs. Claus do in the summer? How old are you? Do you use Rudolph every year? For Christmas, I would like stuffed animals, fairies, and hard animals fairies. And a Toothless Hatchimal.


Dear Santa,

I want a PlayStation 4. Is Mrs. Claus a good cook? I like to swim. Your friend,


Dear Santa,

I have one sister and two brothers. I wish for five bags of Orbeez. How many reindeer do you have? Your friend,


Dear Santa,

I am 8 years old and my pug is 10 years old. I want a new phone and a trampoline. Your friend,


Dear Santa,

I want two gallons of glue. I want a big exercise ball. Are you so fat because you drink so much milk and eat so many cookies? I have a brother. Your friend,


Dear Santa,

My favorite animal is an elephant. I have seven people in my family counting me. I would like an American Girl doll, Kinetic Sand, and new socks. How many elves do you have? Your friend,


Dear Santa,

My name is Grace. I’m 7 years old. I have blue eyes and I have two sisters. I wish I could have a cat, but my mom said I have to wait until spring. But could I have a cat for Christmas? I also want a Luvabella Newborn doll. But back to the cat. So, I’m begging you please, Santa.


Dear Santa,

I am in second grade. Are you real? I want sheep. Your friend,


Dear Santa,

Why are you so jolly? I wish I had a puppy. I wish I had a stuffed animal. I am at east Goessel. Your friend,


Dear Santa,

I like my dog Sadie. I wish for another dog to replace my other dog Jack. How many years have you had this job? Your friend,


Dear Santa,

My favorite colors are lavender and turquoise. I want an outfit for Portia my Generation doll and Orbeez. Santa did you ever go to school?


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