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Goessel third graders send letters to Santa

Third-grade class
Elementary School

Dear Santa,

How’s your wife, Mrs. Claus? Do you have any children? What’s your favorite elf’s name? I think I’ve been good but ask someone else. This is what I want for Christmas: an electronic book and a stuffed dolphin. I think my sister wants Pooh movies, but I don’t want to watch them with her. My house is white and in the country. Blitzen and Prancer are my favorite reindeer. Which one is your favorite? This year I think I will leave you an apple and some juice to make you thin so that you can fit down small chineys. Why is your suit red instead of blue? And why doesn’t Mrs. Claus deliver presents with you? Thank you for giving me presents. Your friend,

Elizabeth Alderfer

How is your wife doing, and what is your wife’s name? Is she tall? I’ve been both good and bad. I would like a magnifying glass, a phone, and a four-wheeler. My brother wants a four-wheeler, too. My sister wants a DS and my mom wants a book. My dad wants a magazine about hunting. My house is tan and pink. My house does not have a chimney. How tall is Comet? How bright is Rudolph’s nose? I will leave you milk and cookies because it tastes good. Why are you so big? Thank you for bringing us presents. Sincerely,

Alyssa Burkholder

How does the Polar Express work? I have been nice and well behaved this year. I have been perfect. I want science activities and Legos. Zach wants Legos, and Malachi wants dinosaurs. My house has no chimney so you can go through the front door. My house is blue, and my cat might be under the Christmas tree. Does Rudolph really talk? This year I will leave you sugarless gum. Do you always have to ride a sleigh? Thank you for bringing me science stuff. Your friend,

Richard Chumbley

How is your life with Mrs. Claus? Do you have kids? I am funny and silly and everyone that I know is nice. I want Legos, video games, candy, Call of Duty Black Ops, and a DSi. I will get my cousins an iPhone and my dad a car. We have a white house with blue lights and do not have a chimney. Do the reindeer talk? This year I think I will leave juice for you because I do not want a fat Santa. How did you get fat in the first place? How did you get the job? Thank you for the presents. Your friend,

Luke Freeman

I live in a town. Come through the garage. Is Rudolph good or is he bad? I will leave you a banana and a cookie and some chocolate milk because it is good. Do you like Christmas? What is your age? Thank you for giving me presents. Hey, Santa, have you been naughty? I have been perfect this year at school. I have been responsible this year. I would want Legos, guitar, bed, mp3, iPhone touch, hamster, four-wheelers, and diamonds. Your friend,

Zackary Guerrero

How many hairs would there be if you would shave? I’ve been good but my brothers have not. How about you? Have you been good? I want candy, Bakugan, Legos, DS games, PSP, PS3, Xbox Live, Xbox 360, and a Playstation 3. My friend Cody wants lots of video games. My house is very tall and is white and tan. Go to the garage and my Christmas tree is in our living room. Do you feed your reindeer? I will leave some carrots for you that way you can fit down the chimney. Has your suit ever been a different color than red? Thank you for everything you’ve given me. Your friend,

Vincent Hammond

Santa, what do you do for a life and do you have kids? I have been good and bad, but I’m nice to kids. I want an American Girl doll, and I want Zhu Zhu Pets. My mom wants an iPod Touch, and my dad wants two adult four-wheelers. I live in the country, and my house is light green. I have a big red barn, and I have lots of animals. Which of your reindeer is good and helpful? I think it is Rudolph. I will give you peach pie and a glass of milk. Santa, I’ve always wanted to know if your reindeer can do tricks. Thank you for being kind and making happy. Your friend,

Mackenzie Heath

Hey, Santa, is Mrs. Claus pretty or not? Is she nice? I don’t know, but my guess is maybe to be good. What I want this year is 1) Zoobles 2) an American Girl doll 3) DSi 4) four pet mice 5) a play house with TV counter, table, fridge, and a couch. If I gave a gift to someone, I would give him or her a friend so they aren’t lonely and sad. My house is beautiful, and my yard is full of frogs. Hey, Santa, is Rudolph’s nose really red and shiny? We might leave you some sugar cookies this year. Hey, can I ever see you, Santa? Thank you for being my friend. Your friend,

Bailey Keough

Do you like video games? I live in the country in a house with a brown roof. Santa, how did you get so fat? Get my brother, Jakob, an mp3. I want video games and Legos. I’ve been both naughty and nice this year. Does Rudolph have a bright nose? I will leave you some pop and cookies because you like it. Santa, are you going to ever switch jobs? Does your wife deliver presents with you? Does your sleigh carry magic? Thank you for listening. Your friend,

Anton Kershner

How much do you weight? How many sons do you have? I think I’ve been pretty good. This Christmas I want a Game Boy Advanced, DSi, and a big Nate book. Anton wants an mp3 player, and a video game. My house is in the country and it is white. My favorite reindeer are Rudolph and Blitzen. This year I will leave you a monster cookie and some pop. How do you survive in the cold? How many elves are there? Thank you, Santa! Your friend,

Jakob Kershner

How often do you shave? Wait, maybe you don’t. I just want to know if you have any kids. I was very good this year. My brother was OK. I want a PSP, Wipe Out DS game, PS3, DSi, laptop, iPod, Legos, Xbox 360, video games, guitar, candy, books, and an iPhone Touch. My friend Jerah wants a movie called “Diary of a Wimpy Kid.” I live in a tan house by the baseball field and football field. My chimney is fake so go through the door. I live in Goessel. How many times do you feed them a day? What do you feed them? Is Rudolph big or small? Will you ever get a blue, green, purple, black, pink, and white suit? Thank you for the presents and one more thing — you are awesome! Your friend,

Dylan Lindeman

Has your family always lived at the North Pole? Do you shave at all? Do you ever change your suit? How many kids are on the naughty list? How many cookies have you eaten? How did you meet Mrs. Claus? Do you ever scare kids? My behavior was perfect at school and a little mean to Colby. This year I want a guitar, Legos, Easy Bake Oven, Zoobles, Aqua TV, hamster, puppy, and a baby pygmy goat named Zi-Zi. Are Dancer and Prancer twins or cousins or brother and sister? Our house is tan. Our chimney is in use. We have a barn mailbox. Beware of Snow, Dazzle, Tucker, and Tori. They pounce and bite people a lot. This year I will leave you string beans because you need to get thin. Also, you’ll get apples because they’re healthy for you to eat and kiwi and orange juice just because they’re very tasty. Colby wants an eco-truck and a 9806 tractor. Mom wants a cookbook and a red cooking bowl to cook with. Dad wants a book about tractors. Sandy wants a Cricket and stamps. Grandpa wants a book all about sports, and I want him to have a channel that has a lot of sport shows to watch all day. Grandma wants thread and fabric. Thank you for the Clarice and Rudolph reindeer dolls for Colby and me. Your friend,

Brooke Nafziger

Does Mrs. Claus wash your clothes? How many cookies do you eat? Do you have any children? Santa how do you know what to give kids? Who chooses you to do the job? How do you fit down the chimney? Does Dancer really dance? How old is Dancer? This year I think I will leave tomatoes and strawberry juice for you to eat because I think you need to get thinner and you don’t want to eat the same food everywhere. There’s something you should know about my house color. It’s off white. I live in the country, and we have lots of trees. This year I think I was well behaved, helpful, responsible, and honest. Santa, for this Christmas I want Bitty Twins, American Girl doll clothes, and Zoobles. There are four people in my family. I think you should bring Dad a tree stand. My brothers want pillow pets, and remote control cars, and my mom would like a Cricket. Santa, thank you for all the wonderful gifts. Your friend,

Alexandria Nickel

Are your reindeer cool? I bet it’s crazy up there. I hope Christmas comes soon. I want clothes, a computer, and a go-cart. My mom wants eggnog. Is it cold up there? How is your wife? I’m going to leave you V-8 juice and vegetables. My family is healthy and you are going to have to be healthy, too. Your friend,

Isaiah Patterson

How are your friends? Is the Polar Express real? I’ve been both good and bad, so, sorry man. I want some video games for my PS3 and DSi XL with games, Hot Wheels, drum set, and a PSP. Bring my friend Vincent some Bakugan, Brett wants an iPod, and bring eggnog for my parents. My house is light brown with a garage and a Bowflex inside. It is awesome. I have a mongoose bike. Warning: come in the door slowly because of our mean cat, so be cautious. Are your reindeer fat, too? Do you fly on a sled or do you walk? You can have some Pepsi and a banana too because you are a bit chubby. Please lose the sled that jingles and jangles because the noise bothers me. Do your elves have pointy ears? Thank you for making kids happy. Your friend,

Cody O’Brien

I bet you need instructions to my new house! Go toward Goessel and there will be a lagoon near a clump of trees. My house is in that clump of trees. My brother, Ben, has been bad, but he wants more Legos anyway. Levi wants Thomas the train. I want an American Girl horse named Penny. I’m going to leave milk and cookies. Does Rudolph talk? Does Mrs. Claus have any kids? How much do you weigh? Do you have magic to go down chimneys? Do you have magic to make chimneys? Your friend,

Katelyn Olson

I bet you are busy! I’ve been naughty, sorry. I want a phone and some Legos anyway. I have no chimney. Rudolph is so cute. I will give you a banana and some Pepsi. How do you make it around the world all in one night? How long is your beard? Thank you for coming this year. Your friend,

Tristin Stephens

This year for Christmas I want video games, clothes, Legos, Star Wars guys, and an iPod. This year I have been mostly good and honest. Santa, do you always wear a red suit? I will leave you cookies and milk this year. My house is red and white. I live in town, and you will find the Christmas tree in the living room. Do your elves ever get tired of working? Was Rudolph born with a red nose? Your friend,

Jerah Schmidt

How long is your beard? I have been mostly OK but also bad to my mom and sisters. I want a John Deere cutter, four trucks and semis, a DSI combine, a Kung Zhu, and a paper jam. My sister wants a pillow pet, Zhu Zhu Pets, and a horse. Do not go down the chimney because it’s plugged up, and my house is white. Does Rudolph talk? I will give you a Snickers and a Pepsi. How old are you? Thank you for the presents. Your friend,

Brody Schroeder

How many elves do you have? I have been good this year. I want a Baby Alive and TV. My mom wants an angel. Frosty the Snowman is one of our favorite decorations. How big is Rudolph’s nose? This year I think will leave you fudge for your snack. How tall are you Santa? Thank you for being here right now. Your friend,

Thelma Wilson

Santa, what’s your elves and wife’s name? My behavior is in the middle this year. I would like an American Girl doll, an iPhone Touch, and a string for my guitar. I want you to bring my brother a car and my sisters would like a baby toy, a play horse, and a clarinet book. My dad needs a tire gauge, and my mom wants a candle. Take the door. The color of my house is blue. I live in the country. Are Prancer and Dancer girls or boys? I would leave you a banana and water because you need to lose weight. Do you always wear red? Do your reindeer have babies? You’re awesome. Your friend,

Porclein Unruh

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