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GOLF: Coach's inaugural season on hold

Staff writer

Marion golf coach Kyle Gfeller’s first head coaching opportunity was put on hiatus, but his passion for coaching and golf was already on display during preseason practice.

“What I’m excited about with this is that it’s my first time being a head coach,” he said. “I can do my own thing and see how it works out.”

While it was his first time heading a team, Gfeller had been assistant coach for multiple sports since coming to Marion in 2018, and experience in collegiate athletics.

“This is a good sport to start with so I can get a feel for things,” he said. “I’m taking some of the things we did time management-wise, and even stuff I learned at football clinics.”

Gfeller said being close in age to his golfers was an asset.

“Kids are excited to be out here,” he said. “I have a lot of people out this year who didn’t come out last year. I definitely think me being younger, really just a couple years older than the seniors, we can relate.”

Rather than having players play through a full 18 holes every day, Gfeller preferred developing a few skills at a time.

Having them work on specific shots provided repetition and helped students get into the proper mindset, Gfeller said.

“I’ll put them behind a tree,” he said. “How are you going to get out of here? I’ll let them do what they think, and then I’ll put in my two cents. It’s all about what’s comfortable for them.”

The tactic was meant to help keep them mentally in line regardless of where on the course the golfers were, or the challenges weather presented, Gfeller said.

“When you’re in golf, it messes with your mind first,” he said. “If you come out and it’s 30 mph gusts, you’re immediately freaking yourself out.”

Last modified March 26, 2020