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Hats are thrown in ring: Candidates file

Candidates filed for city and school board positions with the deadline being noon Tuesday. At press-time, the county clerk’s office had not been notified of all city filings.

All cities in the county with the exception of Marion and all school boards will hold elections for council and board seats April 7.


Mayor: Mark Brunhoeber.

Council president: none.

Councilman, one position: (I) Fritzie Hatfield and Les Loucks.


Mayor: Michael Sorenson.

Councilmen, five positions: (I) Gary D. Unruh, (I) Verlin Sommerfeld, and Tom Harmon.


Mayor: (I) Gregory A. Winn and Mary L. Shipman.

Councilman Ward I: (I) Randy Mills. Councilman Ward II: Edwin H. Robinson Sr.


Mayor: (I) Peggy Jay.

Councilmen, two positions: (I) Larry Schmidt, (I) Larry Linderman, Jerry Stika, and Dallas Boese.


Mayor: (I) Delores Dalke.

Councilman Ward I: (I) Robert L. Watson and Dan Suderman.

Councilman Ward II: (I) Shane Marler and Kevin Suderman.


Mayor: None.

Councilmen, five positions: None.


Mayor: None.

Councilmen, two positions: None.

Lost Springs:

Mayor: None.

Councilmen, five positions: Connie Jenkins, Joseph A. Zinn, and Tish Keesling.


Mayor: Larry K. Larsen.

Councilmen, two positions: Tom Schmidt, Leslie LaFoy, and Janice Woodruff.


Mayor: (I) Patricia M. Wick and Brendan D. Bailey.

Councilmen, five positions: (I) Jeanette (Jeannie) Goza, (I) Arthur E. Stroda, (I) Kathy A. (Werth) Matkins, (I) Jayme Linn Brunner, Byron Noeth, Billy E. Alcorn, James Thompson, and Nathan A. Bailey.


Councilmen, three positions: (I) Paul Backhus and (I) Wilbert Backhus.

School boards

Following are candidates who filed for positions four, five, and six with each of the five school districts.

USD 397:

Position 4: None.

Position 5: (I) Brent G. Methvin.

Position 6: Jeff D. Bina.

USD 398:

Position 4: Barry Peter.

Position 5: (I) Julia Kay Ensminger.

Position 6: (I) Rhonda D. Loucks and William J. Spangler.

USD 408:

Position 4: (I) Keith Collett.

Position 5: (I) Jan Helmer.

Position 6: (I) Lyle K. Leppke and Gary Alleven.

USD 410:

Position 4: None.

Position 5: (I) Gary L. Andrews.

Position 6: (I) Eddie Weber.

USD 411:

Position 4: (I) Lynette Duerksen.

Position 5: Paula Flaming and Kelly Booton.

Position 6: James B. Wiens.

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