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Helping during the holidays

You and my six regular readers are waiting for me to announce that it is time to think creatively about your holiday and year-end giving, weren’t you? So here I am to do just that.

Few of us need more stuff. I am happy to report that The Daughters have finally conformed to my way of thinking about gaily-wrapped packages of things I may or may not want. In recent years, I have instead received clever notifications of donations in my name to non-profit organizations I support. Many are local, and others involve statewide organizations that I think serve Kansas well. I also contribute to my college and several scholarship funds. I provide The Daughters with a list, and they choose where to make a donation in my name.

Best of all, a donation helps a cause in which I believe, and nothing comes into my house which is capable of gathering dust. That makes me happy.

Many of you grew up in Peabody and have fond memories of that time. Your hometown could use your help these days. There are giving opportunities through our school system, historical society, scout troops, community foundation, senior center, Main Street program, July Fourth committee, churches, Christmas light fund, HUB, library, and many others. If there is an organization that brings back good memories for you, I am betting that group could use your financial help as it tries to sustain its existence.

Need to know more? Email me at or call me at (620) 983-2771. I bet I can find the information you need to help.

If you absolutely must go shop for stuff, how about trying your hometown merchants first? Small Business Saturday is this weekend. Many small businesses in Peabody and Marion County could use some of your shopping dollars, and the sales tax that stays at home is always appreciated. Think outside the box and give it a try. I bet you will be surprised by your own creativity.


Last modified Nov. 23, 2015