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Helping seniors is 'dream job'

Staff writer

A special spot in her heart for the elderly drew Luretta “Lou” Turk to spend 14 years working in nursing homes.

The same special spot led to her joy when she was hired to be director of the county’s Department on Aging.

“People are my passion, especially elderly people,” Turk said.

Growing up as an Air Force brat, Turk lived here, there, and everywhere. Marion reminds her of a West Virginia town that she considers “home.”

“I think that’s why I love Marion so much — because we traveled so much,” she said. “Marion reminds me so much of my hometown.”

She also loves Marion’s home-like feeling — the atmosphere and close bonds among people.

“People call you by name,” Turk said.

Her career kept taking her back to working in nursing homes, where she served as a nursing aide, medication aide, activity director, and social service director.

She thinks people need to keep human priorities foremost in their lives, and the elderly figure large in her priorities.

In between jobs where she got to work with elderly people, she worked in other fields. These included aircraft and agricultural equipment industries.

Life finally came full circle and brought her back to her cherished field of employment.

“Everything has fallen into place,” she said. “I got my dream job. I care for the elderly.”

It might not have happened as soon as she would have liked, but it happened.

“God has his own timing. That’s what my son says,” Turk said.

Turk plans to be a voice and an advocate for her population.

Already she has signed on to become an ombudsman for elder services. She looks forward to helping people find their way through the maze that elder services can be.

Last modified April 27, 2023