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HHS golfers struggle during 36-hole tournament

The Hillsboro High School golf team placed 15th Friday in the Marion Invitational 36-hole golf tournament.

“Due to earlier scheduling conflicts and adjustments, all of these guys played at least 63 holes of competitive golf over a seven-day period and three of them played a total of 81 holes of golf in competition during that same stretch,” coach Scott O’Hare said

Devin Dick shot a 91 in Marion and a 92 in Hillsboro for a total score of 183.

Daniel Kenney shot a 102 in Marion and a 109 in Hillsboro for a total score of 211.

Evan Ollenburger shot a 105 in Marion and a 94 in Hillsboro, 199.

Andrew Meier shot a 99 in Marion and a 102 in Hillsboro, 201.

Kyler Borg shot a 104 in Marion and a 105 in Hillsboro, 209.

Casie Allen shot a 117 in Marion and a 105 in Hillsboro, 222.

“Individually, all of these guys have improved throughout the season,” O’Hare said. “I really think that if each of them could just find that one or two things that are costing them strokes each round and improve that one area, it would save them 8 to 10 strokes per round.”

Last modified May 12, 2011