• Last modified 434 days ago (April 6, 2023)


Hillsboro approves chickens

Staff writer

A proposed new Hillsboro dog ordinance will be considered April 18.

The ordinance would change the definition of “securing” a dog in the open bed of a truck.

The proposed ordinance also would change who designates a dog to be “dangerous.” Under current ordinance, the designation is made by police, but the proposal changes that to municipal court.

“We’d like to get a chance to get public input on it,” mayor Lou Thurston said.

An ordinance to permit chickens to be kept in town was approved.

Residents to keep as many as 10 chickens on a lot of less than 15,000 square feet and one additional chicken for each additional 1,000 square feet. They would have to be kept in clean, dry, and sanitary coops.

Last modified April 6, 2023