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Hillsboro-area official election results

Staff writer

Delores Dalke won Hillsboro Mayor with 113 votes. Louis Harrison, Pete Richert and Glen Thiessen each had one write-in vote. Clint Seibel had two. The first Hillsboro council position went to Robert L. Watson with 51 votes. Glenn Goertz had one write-in vote. The second Hillsboro council position went to Marlene Fast with 63 votes. Jim Baker had three write-in votes.

Michael Sorensen won the City of Durham Mayor election with 16 votes as a write-in. Dorene Joy also received 2 write-in votes. The five City of Durham council positions went to R. Gene Duke, 19, Edward Flaming, 19, Gary Gerringer, 14, Verlin Sommerfeld, 21, and Gary D. Unruh, 19. Kenneth Giesbrecht, Tom Harm, and Arnold Sommerfeld each received one write-in vote. Gaylen Youk received five.

Dave Schrag won Goessel Mayor with 127 scanned and two provisional votes for a total off 129. Sue Watkins had two write-in votes. Arlen Goertzen, Joel Ratzlaff, Lary Schmidt and Rollin Schmidt each had one write-in vote. The two Goessel council positions went to Larry D. Schmidt — with 88 scanned and two provisional votes — and Larry C. Lindeman with 84 votes. Dean Snelling also received 76 scanned and two provisional votes.

David Terrell won Lehigh Mayor with four write-in votes. The five positions on the Lehigh council went to Jim Dawes, 4, Brad Dies, 3, Dustin Enns, 3, Eldon Kaiser, 2, and John Masson, 2. Other write-ins were Fran Duerksen, Glenn George, Gaylord Neal, and Fred Sheridan. These were all write-in votes.

USD 410 position 4 went to Mark Rooker with 28 votes. USD 410 Position 5 went to Joe Sechrist with 53 votes. USD 410 Position 6 went to Kathleen Decker with four votes. Contenders were Vincent Driver, Daniel Moss, Shelly Plett, Andy Shewey, and Matt Hiebert.

USD 411 position 4 went to Lynette Duerksen with 360 votes. Contender Jennifer Flaming had one vote. Position 5 went to Kelly Booton with 354. Contenders Jennifer Flaming and Paula Flaming each had one vote. Position 6 went to James Bryan Wiens with 347. Contenders Jennifer Flaming and Matt Voth each received on vote. Position 7 went to Kyle Funk with 355 votes. Contender Jennifer Flaming had one vote. The special question for bond issue had 342 in favor and 29 against.

Last modified April 18, 2013