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Hillsboro area residents share memories of best Christmas gift ever

“I have always loved animals and when I was about 5-years-old I got Little Pet Shops play sets. I loved that present and still do!”

— Jade Sterk, rural Hillsboro

“My best Christmas present experience was with my daughter, Kara-Anne. When she was about 10-years-old, I gave her a flat-screen television. She was happy with that, but then I had her close her eyes and I put another present on top of it for her to open. The other gift was my dad’s 22-rifle that he gave to me. When I gave it to her, she started crying and crying because it meant so much to her. She was so happy. She had never gotten a chance to meet my dad, so this connection from him to me, and then from me to her, meant so much.”

— Frank Klenda, Hillsboro

“Without a doubt, my favorite gift was the Easy-Bake Oven I got when I was 7. I really, really wanted one but did not dare to hope. But then, I got it! I still have it, along with the original box and recipe book. All my kids have played with it too. That was the best by far.”

— Joni Calam, Hillsboro

Last modified Dec. 21, 2011