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Hillsboro cuts contributions

In a move to tighten its belt, Hillsboro will not make its typical contribution of up to $500 to employee flexible spending plans for health care for fiscal year 2021.

“Right now I think it’s best that we delay this, and if we find out later in the year that our revenues are better than expected, we can always change our mind later,” city administrator Larry Paine told council members Tuesday.

Council members approved another policy intended to help protect employees’ health that also could save money.

Employees who choose to vacation in areas where a 14-day quarantine is required upon return to Kansas could end up taking the quarantine unpaid if they have already used paid leave required by the federal government under the CARES act.

The act requires employers to provide 14 days of paid leave in cases where time off is needed for reasons connected to COVID-19. After that, Paine said, the city would not extend additional paid leave.

The employee would have to use accrued sick leave or vacation time instead if it is available.

If it is not available, the employee’s time off would be unpaid.

“I want to have this in place so if there is a second phase of this COVID virus later in the year, we have the ability to say no,” Paine said.

Paine added that the policy would be a means to restrict travel to areas with high rates of COVID-19.

“It allows us to make that management decision as a means to protect our other employees as well,” Paine said.

Last modified May 21, 2020