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Hillsboro officials look to senators

Staff writer

Hillsboro city administrator Larry Paine hopes to make both Kansas senators aware of the issues the city — like others around the country — is having with the company that owns Hillsboro Community Hospital.

Paine, who will represent the city Monday at a Kansas Power Pool event in the District of Columbia, has scheduled an appointment with Roger Marshall and is hoping to schedule one with Jerry Moran.

Hillsboro is one of 11 defendants in a mortgage foreclosure filed against the hospital and its owners by Bank of Hays.

Lawyers for the bank have scheduled a deposition of a corporate representative of HMC/CAH, the company that owns the hospital, for 9 a.m. Feb. 27. The representative is to bring numerous records to the bank’s lawyers when he answers questions about the company.

The information sought includes identities of corporate members and managers, as well as corporate hierarchy and management structure. The representative is also to provide copies of any contracts that bind HCH, and information on any third parties who might claim an interest in the hospital.

The bank’s lawyers want to know about bank accounts, financial records, accounting practices, insurance held by the hospital, information about CAH’s appeal of the district court’s assignment of a receiver for the hospital, and information about any government investigation of HMC or complaint or petition filed in state or federal court.

Last modified Feb. 21, 2019