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Hillsboro police report

March 4: Suspicious activity was checked. Officers assisted the McPherson County Attorney. An officer instructed DARE class at Hillsboro Elementary School.

March 5: A parking complaint was checked. A report of several young juveniles fighting in the park was checked. A report of an out-of-control juvenile in the 300 block of South Birch Street was checked. Officers met with a domestic violence advocate. A person reported being harassed by a former boyfriend. Officers assisted Kansas Department of Corrections with a subject violating his or her parole. A woman reported that someone had placed a padlock on her fence without her authority.

March 6: A motorist was assisted. A man reported two males harassed his daughter. Officers assisted the U.S. Marshal’s Office with a background investigation. A person reported a belated domestic disturbance. A person came to the Police Department with questions about PFA.

March 7: Officers received safety and supervisor training at city hall. A person reported an abandoned vehicle. A power line was reported down in the 300 block of South Cedar Street. Officers assisted with evidence destruction orders. A report of an impending argument at HES was checked. A report of a suspicious truck in town trying to gather scrap metal was checked. An officer instructed a DARE class at HES. A person reported than an acquaintance wanted to leave his or her spouse but were afraid to do so. Officers assisted the Marion County Sheriff with an arrest warrant.

March 8: A dog complaint was checked. A non-injury accident at D and Main streets was worked. An escort was performed for the Hillsboro High School girls’ basketball team. Officers assisted emergency medical services. A child custody dispute was mediated.

March 9: A dog complaint was checked. A harassment complaint was checked. A commercial alarm was checked in the 100 block of North Main Street. Officers assisted Social and Rehabilitative Services with an investigation. A person reported a possible phone scam. Officers assisted Marion County Sheriff officers with an investigation.

March 10: A report of several males breaking into a Tabor house in the 200 block of South Madison Street was filed; charges are pending. Officers notified the electric department of a street light outage.

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