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Hillsboro school board hopeful for graduation

Hillsboro school board remains hopeful in finding a way to a graduation ceremony over the summer, superintendent Max Heinrichs said during Monday’s Hillsboro school board meeting.

“The goal right now is to somehow have this in June or early July,” he said. “At this point it’s one of those things where if it all of a sudden came off May 30, and we could do it in two weeks then we’d try to do something pretty quickly.”

If a ceremony proves impossible then the school district will have a virtual graduation.

The school board approved renewal of Marion County Special Education Interlocal Agreement, which remained nearly identical to the one that was used for the last decade, Heinrichs said.

“The only changes are updates to the actual document,” he said. “I don’t know if there was a state statute change on those or not, but there were very few changes and a little bit of word smithing.”

The school board also approved plans to remodel Hillsboro High School’s concession stand, which will cost a maximum of $99,600.

Last modified April 16, 2020