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Hillsboro senior earns full-tuition scholarship

Staff writer

College is a major financial and life decision for high schoolers, but it became easier for Hillsboro senior Jenna Hinerman on Thursday, when she was given a 4-year tuition scholarship.

She was given the presidential scholarship from John Brown University in Arkansas. The award covers tuition of $27,000 through four years of college.

“I can’t imagine how I’d pay for school without it,” she said. “At the same time, if God wants me down there, he’ll provide. It was a huge blessing.”

Hinerman and one other student were chosen out of a field of 69 applicants.

Though confident of her abilities, she didn’t see herself as a definite winner.

“I was nervous about what I would be able to share and what they were looking for,” Hinerman said. “I’ve done plenty of extracurricular activities and sports, so which part of my leadership activities did they want to hear about?”

Despite having tuition covered, Hinerman knows she has more expenses left to fill.

Her older brother already attends John Brown, a comforting family tie to have, Hinerman said.

“Having him down there as a family connection really helps,” she said. “I see it as an opportunity that I have somebody down there I’m close to if I ever get homesick.”

Last modified Feb. 27, 2019