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Hillsboro students get a practical lesson in democracy

Staff writer

Hillsboro High School students went to the polls Tuesday in the school’s mock election.

The mock election was a project of social studies teacher Jim Robb’s American government class. The contests on the ballot included the U.S. presidential, U.S. senate, and Kansas 1st District races.

Robb’s students debated the issues on behalf of the candidates on Friday with all of the high school students in attendance.

It was not the first time Hillsboro students have voted in a mock election.

“We had a mock primary election in the spring,” Robb said.

Mock elections have followed gubernatorial races and previous presidential elections.

The election is a good hands-on learning experience, Robb said. Students learn more going through the process than by memorizing something for a test.

“I want them to know how the process works,” Robb said.

There are students who can vote in the general election for the first time this year, and it is important for them to understand the need to register to vote.

After students tally the votes, Robb’s class will analyze the results and voter turnout, and compare them with national results.

Last modified Oct. 29, 2008