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Hillsboro swimmers take third

Lindsborg captured the eight-team Mid-Kansas Swim League championship Saturday in Abilene, scoring 944.5 points.

Marion placed second with 671. Hillsboro was third with 530.5. Peabody came in seventh with 219.

“Everyone swam great, and there was tons of dropped times,” Hillsboro coach Courtney Fast said. “All day, I heard, ‘Coach, I dropped 7 seconds!,’ ‘Coach, I dropped 3 seconds!’  It was great!”

Fast is unsure whether she will be back to coach for a fourth season next year, after having taken last year off.

“Everytime I see a swimmer after a race with a smile on their face, those are the moments I treasure and think, ‘Yeah, it’s all worth it!’” she said. “The hugs, the laughter, the kids dancing while cheering each other on — those are the special moments.

 “I hope that each swimmer is proud of themselves for the work that they put in this summer.  I wish for them to have a great feeling when they think about this season as I would love for each of them to continue their passion for swimming.”

Top-three Hillsboro finishers included:

ages 8 and younger

100 medley relay—3. Malorie Hein, Ellie Noble, Macy Priest, Iris Klein.

25 breaststroke—2. Priest.

100 freestyle relay—3. Priest, Noble, Hein, Klein.

ages 9-10

25 backstroke—3. Eva Noble.

25 breaststroke—3. Megan Bechtold.

ages 11-12

100 freestyle—3. Sonja Jost.

200 medley relay—3. Chloe Pankratz, Ashley Brazil, Jost, Jenna Hinerman.

50 freestyle—2. Jost.

50 breaststroke—2. Brazil.

200 freestyle relay—3. Hinerman, Pankratz, Brazil, Jost.

100 individual medley—2. Jost.

ages 13-14

100 freestyle—2. Emily Sechrist.

200 medley relay—2. Kiersten Kalua, E. Sechrist, Abby Sechrist, Madison Sheppard.

50 fly—1. E. Sechrist.

50 backstroke—3. E. Sechrist.

50 breaststroke—3. Callie Linnens.

200 freestyle relay—3. Sheppard, Linnens, Kalua, E. Sechrist.

100 individual medley—2. E. Sechrist.


ages 9-10

100 medley relay—3. Tristan Rathbone, Carson Linnens, Elias Kalua, Andrew Driggers.

ages 11-12

100 freestyle—1. Braden Vogt, 3. Jonathan Hinerman.

200 medley relay—1. Hinerman, Ben Koop, Vogt, Jaden Priest.

50 fly—1. Vogt.

50 backstroke—1. Vogt.

50 freestyle—1. Vogt.

50 breaststroke—1. Hinerman.

200 freestyle relay—2. Hinerman, Brodie Rathbone, Priest, Vogt.

100 individual medley—2. Hinerman.

ages 13-14

100 freestyle—3. Franklin Jost.

200 medley relay—3. Jost, Stephen Brazil, Travis King.

50 freestyle—3. Jost.

200 freestyle relay—2. Jost, Brazil, King.

ages 15-18

50 backstroke—1. Tanner Sechrist.

50 freestyle—3. Sechrist.

200 freestyle relay—3. Scott Brazil, Jeff Pritchard, Harry Faber, Sechrist.

100 individual medley—1. Sechrist.

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