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Hillsboro to step up junk vehicle enforcement

Enforcement of ordinances prohibiting junked vehicles will increase following a rise in resident complaints in Hillsboro. The increased enforcement will begin Sept. 1.

Junked vehicles include those without a current registration plate; vehicles on jacks, blocks, or other supports; and vehicles missing one or more parts necessary for lawful operation on public roads.

Code Enforcement Officer Ben Steketee said the city was providing early notification to give property owners an opportunity to rectify problems without city intervention.

Solutions include:

  • Repair, register, and insure the vehicle.
  • Move the vehicle outside city limits.
  • Contact a junk dealer to remove the vehicle.
  • Place the vehicle in a garage or other enclosed building.
  • Place the vehicle inside an approved fence.
  • Donate the vehicle to a fire department for training purposes.

Inquiries should be directed to Steketee at (620) 947-3556 or

Last modified July 28, 2010