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Hillsboro water overhaul gets underway

Staff writer

Thirty-seven Hillsboro residents met Tuesday with city water department employees, city administrators, and EBH engineering employees to discuss water work underway on the east side of the city.

“We took them through the scope of the project,” Mayor Lou Thurston said.

Residents were told what path work would take as the water system is rebuilt and the street repaired afterward.

Thurston said old metal water lines will be left where they are, and larger, plastic lines will be installed to replace them. Later, when water flows through the new lines, it will flow freely and not be as likely to become contaminated.

“We’re getting better water flow and better quality water,” Thurston said.

The increased water flow should help keep property insurance rates down because fire hydrants will have better water flow, he said.

In the first stage of work, estimated to last six to eight weeks, new water line will be placed on the south side of 1st St. and new meters installed on both sides of the street.

New water line will be installed on the east side of Wilson St. and new meters on both sides of the street.

A service line will be installed under Wilson St. from C to D Sts. and meters will be moved from the alley to the street.

On C St., new water line will be installed on the north side of the street from Adams to Wilson and on the south side of the street from Wilson to Eisenhower. New meters will be installed on both sides of the street.

Several water meters on Kennedy will be moved from the alley to the street.

“In the cases where we’re moving meters from the alleys, the city will run line from the street to the back of the house,” Thurston said.

All work in yards will be within the city right of way. New meter pits will be dug into the ground.

Residents with sprinkler systems should mark the heads and lines with marker flags available at the city office. Although the contractor is not responsible for damage, he can work around the sprinkler system if he knows its location.

Sewer lines will be examined during street construction for possible replacement.

Mail will be delivered by a walking route while water construction is taking place. During street construction, mailboxes can be moved to the end of the block or residents can rent a box at the post office.

Property will have driveway access during the water construction phase only, but no street access during street construction.

Streets to be rebuilt will include 1st St. from Adams to Wilson Sts., Wilson St. from 1st to C Sts., C St. from Adams to Kennedy St., and Kennedy St.

Additional stages of water line replacement will happen later, and the contractor has until the end of March to finish the entire project, Thurston said.

Last modified Sept. 20, 2018