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Historical society says lake cabins would be acceptable

In a letter, Kansas Historical Society has told Marion County that a proposal by Chris, Heather, Molly, and Tamra Holub to build rental cabins at Marion County Park and Lake would not interfere with the lake’s designation as a historic place.

The Society’s Standards and Guidelines for Evaluating the Effects of Projects on Environs are not meant to discourage new development, but rather to ensure compatibility, the letter says.

“The environs of the listed property consist of both historic and non-historic elements including residences and support buildings. Due to the diversity of the structures in the environs, new construction is afforded flexibility.

“The proposed cabins are compatible with other residences on the lake in terms of size, scale, materials, patterns and form and the use is consistent with lake function. It does not appear that views will be compromised by the construction of these cabins, as they are sufficiently distant from the established residences and will generally not be located in front of historic elements of the property.

“Based on the information provided, it does not appear that their construction will lessen the historic or architectural integrity of the National Register-listed property.

“As far as this office is concerned, the project may proceed.”

The letter, dated May 23 and released Monday, was from State Historic Preservation Officer Jennie Chinn and signed by Deputy State Historic Preservation Officer Patrick Zollner. It was addressed to Marion County Zoning Administrator Tonya Richards.

Last modified June 16, 2011