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HMS wrestlers finish strong

The Hillsboro Middle School wrestlers finished the season Thursday night in matches against Marion, Reno Valley and Lyons.

Eighth grader Levi Mendoza and seventh graders Travis King were the wrestlers of the evening. Both grapplers won all three matches. Mendoza won all his matches by pin. Zach Ghahremanzadeh, Stephen Brazil, Mary Leihy, and Franklin Jost, all eighth graders, won at least one of their matches on the evening. Nathan Simhiser was the only seventh grader besides King to win a match.

“I am extremely impressed with the development and leadership of our eighth graders this year,” HMS head coach Jake Schenk said. “They came to practice each day to get better and they also were great leaders for the younger guys. I really hope they all stick with wrestling in high school because they do have some talent and potential.”

Individual records

King, 7th, 13-3; Brandon Klassen, 7th, 3-13; Brook Bradford, 7th, 4-15; Nathan Bartel, 7th, 2-10; Tyson Reimer, 7th, 5-13; Gabe Salas, 7th, 0-14; Simhiser, 7th, 9-2.

Leihy, 8th, 5-9; Gage Graika, 8th, 2-6; Jonathan Ruacho, 1-11; Mendoza, 8th, 12-1; Brazil, 8th, 3-5; Ghahremanzadeh, 8th, 9-4; Jost, 8th, 7-5; Bradon Truitt, 8th, 0-11.

Last modified March 14, 2012