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Hole in county transfer station floor growing

Staff writer

Marion County will seek bids for concrete work on the tipping floor at the transfer station after a hole was discovered early last week. At the time, it was less than one foot across, but it expanded to about 18x24 inches by Monday, Transfer Station Director Rollin Schmidt said Monday at Marion County Commission meeting.

The concrete floor is hollow, but it has some fill inside, Schmidt said. The fill appears to be sand.

For safety, employees are preventing vehicles from driving across the hole because there is a basement beneath the floor.

Schmidt will seek bids for repairs. Bids will be due at the end of business Friday.

In other business:

  • The transfer station sent 702 tons of solid waste in April to Butler County Landfill, bringing the total for 2009 to 2,521 tons. Most of the waste was municipal solid waste, 588 tons. Construction and demolition waste accounted for 113 tons, and tires were almost one-half ton. The average cost per ton in April was $35.45 including fuel, a driver, and tipping fees.
  • Markley Service of Marion won a bid for 17.5 gallons of the herbicide, Milestone. The company’s bid was $281 per gallon, for a total of $4,918. Ag Service of Hillsboro bid $5,127; Cooperative Grain and Supply of Hillsboro, $5,460; and Cooperative Grain and Supply of Tampa, $5,460.
  • Marion County’s mobile recycling program gathered 1,400 pounds of recyclables Saturday at Burns, Florence, and Marion County Park and Lake.
  • State lawmakers canceled slider payments to cities and counties for 2009 and 2010. The payments, which offset revenue lost because of tax exemptions, would have been $300,000 or more in the 2010 budget, said Commission Chairman Dan Holub.
  • Household Hazardous Waste Department employee Erick Bransted received a raise of $100 per month for working for the county for one year, earning $1,958 per month.
  • Noxious Weed Department employee James Wilson received a $100 per month raise for working one year, earning $1,854 per month.
  • Dispatcher Jerrie Edwards received a raise from $10.95 per hour to $11.95 per hour, and dispatcher Timothy Peterson received a raise from $11.95 to $12.77 per hour.
  • Elderly Department Director Gayla Ratzlaff received a raise from $2,685 to $2,785 per month for working for the county one year.
  • Deputy Appraiser Deborah Weidenheimer received a raise from $2,863 to $2,963 per month for her one-year anniversary with Marion County.
  • The next commission meeting will be May 18.

Last modified May 14, 2009