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Area school districts released these honor rolls this past week. Grade point averages are reported on a scale where 4 equals all A’s and 3 equals all B’s.


High honors

Grade 6 — Sybil Bowman, Izabell Branson, Alexandra Carlson, Reagan Cooper, Hugh Guetterman, Cheyanne Helmer, Ryder Kraus, Ellie Nelson, Kayleigh Pacelli, Ryker Salsbury, Brylee Smith, Grayson Smith, Haley Suffield, and Shelby Summervill, 4, and Myles Ash, Cadence Bialek, Kael Dameron, Kevon Jones, Brooklynn Ottensmeier, Aubrey Whiteman, and Kiersten Wildin, 3.8571.

Grade 7 — Margaret Collett, Dylan Kraus, Jessica Methvin, and Jordy Raymer, 4; Zayden Janzen, Isaac J Wesner, and Kate Wessel, 3.8571; and Eliza Richardson, 3.7857.

Grade 8 — Cooper Brewer, Maria Carlson, Vlad Harris, Madisyn Hulett, Elijah Klenda, Keenan Lange, Kadon Mercer, Jaxon Salsbury, and Gabrielle Stuchlik, 4; Samuel Calvert, 3.9286; and Harrison Beery, Hailey Harshman, and Eldon Smith, 3.8571.

Regular honors

Grade 6 — Dalton Boone, Reese Oursler, and Rylee Thomas, 3.7143, and Jeremiah Nienstedt, 3.5714.

Grade 7 — Hitch Soyez and Liran Wasmuth, 3.7143; Ava Box, Delaney Hostetler, Jackson Howard, Kaelynn Metro, and Kaden Smith, 3.5714; and Cooper Jirak, 3.5.

Grade 8 — Shaliah Ensley, 3.7143, and Shyann Harris, Jessi Hayes, Kayla McPhail, and Kate Watkins, 3.5714.

Honorable mention

Grade 6 — Brooklyn Beery, Caileigh Johnson, and Austin Richardson, 3.4286; Braydn Pohlman, 3.2857; Wyatt Ostlee and Devin Smith, 3.2143; Morgan Dixon and Rider Giles, 3.1429; and Sofia Frohlich-Phipps, 3.

Grade 7 — Tandice Tajchman 3.4286; Brylee Haws, Teegan Kraus, and Noah Schmidt, 3.2857; Adam Drow, 3.1667; Maddison Beery, 3.0714; and Titus Mason, Christian Pacelli, and Cheyenne Wilson, 3.

Grade 8 — Jesse Snyder and Breane Williams, 3.2857; Daisy Giles, 3.1429; Molly Bradfield, Wyatt Soyez, Kattie Stultz, and Cheyenne Voyles, 3.0714; and Auryona Countryman and Jameson Looper, 3.

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