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Honor Rolls

First semester

High honor roll (3.75 to 4.00 GPA)

Freshmen — Addison Cooper, Taryn Kraus, Miriam Mason, Kenna Wesner, and Luke Wessel, 4.00, and Haiti Schafers, 3.86.

Sophomores — Cooper Bailey, Jonathan Frese, Grace Hett, Haley Kraus, Tessa Mendoza, Jagger Miller, Kayden Nelson, Gabby Newell, and Natalie Sigel, 4.00, and Gavin Wasmuth, 3.86.

Juniors — Christipher Beery, Addy Davis, Arwen Fay, Brooklyn Matthews, Mia Spencer, and Abby Wesner, 4.00, and Calli Burkholder, Sadie Lange, Hayden Mendoza, and McKinnon Waner, 3.86.

Seniors — Christian Albin, Amy Gayle, and Mickelly Soyez, 4.00; Hannah Stubenhofer-May, 3.86; Heidi Grimmett, Jayden May, and Emma Soyez, 3.83; and Karlee Fetrow, 3.80.

Regular honor roll (3.50 to 3.74)

Freshmen — Alexis Hostetler and Erin Regnier, 3.71, and Sawyer Giles, Addison Norris, and Ashton Ourslers, 3.57.

Sophomores — Trevor Schafers, 3.71, and Michael Hendricks, Jack Lanning, and Caitlin Thornhill, 3.57.

Juniors — Mitch Norris, 3.71, and Taelar Creed, Tristen Dye, Nathan Hoffner, and Amber Miller, 3.57.

Seniors — Campbell Winter, 3.71; Dominic Miller, 3.57; and Grace Tankersley and Johnny Zieammermann, 3.50.

Honorable mention (3.00 to 3.49)

Freshmen — Sara Groening and Alyera Koehn, 3.43; Logan Amos, Sophia Dye, Brian Nguyen, and Ephiphany Spence, 3.29; Luke Watkins, 3.14; and Jackson Bitonti, Claire Bradfield, Georgia Madgwick, Scout Redger, and Lane Smith, 3.00.

Sophomores — Brayden Blackman and Landon Dye, 3.29; Caleb Darrow, Austin Marsden, and Cole Smith, 3.14; and Wyatt Helmer, 3.00.

Juniors — Madison Arocha, 3.43; Natalie Hoffner and Carley Wilhelm, 3.29; and Chance Shults, Shannon Taylor, and Jalyssa Williams, 3.14.

Seniors — Anderson Waddell, 3.48; Sydnee Williams, 3.43; Gracie Mackey, 3.33; Emma Box, Alex Johnson, and Miles Olson, 3.29; Jayda Hayes and Breanna Mallory, 3.14; and Emily Hake, 3.00.


3.50 and above

6th Grade — Isabella Fistler, Abigail Gfeller, Cale Gossen, Sydney Miles, Nadia Ratzlaff, Aiyonna Tincher, Jason Warwick-Ortiz, and Kia Wattson.

7th Grade — Keira Banks, Colin Groff, Aiden Hurst, Charles Miles, Dalton Philpott, Devin Turner, Gage Wilson, Sarah Winfrey, and Adyson Winter.

8th Grade — Katy Huls, Lucas Partridge, and Abigail Pease.

9th Grade — Madelynn Blythe, Leyton Coover, Angelina Fister, Cade Gossen, and Christopher Spencer.

10th Grade — Cadence Craig, Stacy Sattler, and Esperanza Solis.

11th Grade — Brandon Biggs, Alexis Davis, Isaiah Fistler, Colton Gossen, Adrian Groff, Matthew Robinson, Lukas Spencer, and Alexander Young.

12th Grade — Alexander Caldwell, Conner Callahan, Kalea Craig, Johnson Glover, McKayla Hauck, Ariana Marcenaro, Jacob Partridge, Thomas Smith, and Talyn Stahlheber.

3.00 to 3.49

6th Grade — Cayden Lamb.

7th Grade — Fancy Reynolds and Mia Webster.

8th Grade — Chloe Callahan and Braxton Teer.

10th Grade — Natalie Fowler.

11th Grade — Weston Gaines, Madyson Goossen, and Tanner Parks.

12th Grade — Isaac Bayes, Noal Reynolds, Logan Webster, Mya Winter, and Philip Young.

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