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These schools released honor rolls this past week. A grade-point average of 4.00 indicates all A’s; 3.00 indicates all B’s.

2nd Semester

Freshmen — High honors to Harrison Beery, Maria Carlson, Hailey Harshman, Eli Klenda, Kadon Mercer, and Jaxon Salsbury, 4.00, and Sam Calvert, Shaliah Ensley, Keegan Lange, Eldon Smith, and Gabrielle Stuchlik, 3.86. Regular honors to Vlad Harris, Madisyn Hulett, and Kayla McPhail, 3.71. Honorable mention to Cooper Brewer and Mariela Owens, 3.43; Shyann Harris, James Rohloff, Kattie Stultz, and Kate Watkins, 3.29, and Zach Schlesener, 3.00.

Sophomores — High honors to Addison Cooper, Taryn Kraus, Brian Nguyen, Erin Regnier, Haiti Schafers, Kenna Wesner, and Luke Wessel, 4.0. Regular honors to Miriam Mason, 3.71, and Chifae El Harrati, Alexis Hostetler, Alyera Koehn, Epiphany Spence, and Luke Watkins, 3.57. Honorable mention to Jackson Bitonti and Ashton Oursler, 3.29.

Juniors — High honors to Cooper Bailey, Jonathan Frese, Grace Hett, Haley Kraus, Jack Lanning, Tessa Mendoza, and Natalie Sigel, 4.00. Regular honors to Jagger Miller and Gavin Wasmuth, 3.71, and Trevor Schafers, 3.57. Honorable mention to Gabby Newell and Caitlin Thornhill, 3.14, and Brayden Blackman and Cole Smith, 3.00.

Seniors — High honors to Christopher Beery, Calli Burkholder, Addy Davis, Sadie Lange, and Mia Spencer, 4.00; Arwen Fay, Nathan Hoffner, Shannon Taylor, and Mckinnon Waner, 3.86; and Brooklin Matthews, 3.83. Regular honors to Tristen Dye and Mitch Norris, 3.71, and Amber Miller, 3.5. Honorable mention to Natalie Hoffner, 3.43; Abby Wesner, 3.33; Madison Arocha and Jalyssa Williams, 3.29; Aries Countryman and Quade Williams, 3.14; Hayden Mendoza, 3.13; and Taelar Creed, Auriella McBee, Hayli Newman, Chance Shults, and Caden Wilhelm, 3.00.

Last modified June 7, 2023