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Honoring those who live among us

Being a hero means more than leaping tall buildings with a single bound, rescuing fallen comrades on a battlefield, saving children from towering infernos, or leading teams to once-in-a-lifetime comebacks.

It may not be true everywhere, but in strong communities like ours, we’re surrounded by everyday heroes — people who may not get the same publicity as their more celebrated counterparts but whose loyalty, dedication, and willingness to put the interests of others ahead of their own impact our lives just the same.

Super powers and extraordinary circumstances do not a hero make. Exemplary character traits do.

It may be your neighbor, who selflessly shovels your sidewalks in winter and places your casually tossed newspaper in a more convenient location each morning.

It may be your friend, who drops everything to help with a minor project, or an emergency or health care worker who goes out of his or her way to be helpful in difficult times.

It may be the loyal employee who cheerfully goes above and beyond the call of duty to tirelessly pick up the slack left by exigent circumstance, unexpected turnover, or less heroic colleagues.

It may even be the local business that always seems to give a little extra, either in goods or in service.

In honor of Labor Day weekend next week, we’ll be opening our advertising columns to let businesses and individuals salute the everyday heroes whose labors of love make them exemplary role models to neighbors and coworkers throughout our community.

Whether it’s your employee of the month or a community volunteer you want to salute, Debbie Steele and Mel Honeyfield of our staff will be happy to help you arrange a fitting tribute in the form of a very special Everyday Heroes advertisement.

This Labor Day, let everyone know how much you appreciate the selfless labors of your own, personal everyday heroes.


Last modified Aug. 25, 2011