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Hope in the Heartland

Pastor, Gracepoint church

Do you remember the scene in “Toy Story” when Woody pushed the button that caused Buzz Lightyear’s face shield to whoosh open? Buzz fell to his knees, convinced he was being poisoned by toxic air outside of his space helmet.

But Buzz didn’t die. In fact, everything turned out just fine. He survived. He didn’t need his helmet.

Nowadays you get the same “help-me-I-can’t-breathe” reaction from people when you suggest they can live without cell phones, 500 satellite channels, Internet connection, and mind-numbing music. You are usually greeted by a wide-eyed stare of astonished disbelief or utter contempt. They might as well go “Buzz Lightyear” on you and fall to their knees while clutching their throats.

“Are you insane?” they might even manage to utter between gasps.

When was the last time you read something wholesome for your soul? The incredible number of choices that can feed your soul and encourage your walk with Christ is growing every day. Books by Christian authors in nearly every appropriate type of writing offer excellent alternatives to the toxic garbage that routinely spews from the TV, newspaper, and secular bookshelves. What are you feeding your soul? What does God think of it?

Take inventory of what you allow into your mind and ask yourself if it is good for your soul; if not, then you can live without it. You won’t collapse or suffocate or suffer any unseemly death.

Last modified Oct. 13, 2010