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Hope in the Heartland

No grandchildren

Pastor, Gracepoint church

We went shoe shopping for our 2-year-old and the salesperson put her foot in her mouth.

The experience started in a positive direction when my toddler son cooperated with having his feet measured. Afterward we were giddy when we picked a shoe that the store actually had in stock. Next came the relief of having the energetic little lad sit still while the shoes were place on his feet — the finish line was in sight. Then it was time to let Josiah get down from the chair and take a test run in his new footwear.

The joy of a successful shopping trip, however, was trampled when the salesperson said to Josiah, “OK, little fella, let your grandpa walk you around to see if the shoes fit.”

I’m an older father; I get it. I realize that when my youngest son was on baby formula, I should have been using Grecian Formula. His hair is coming in and mine is falling out (and so on and so on). The fact is that I’m his dad, not his grandpa.

I don’t have any grandchildren — and neither does God.

God has no grandchildren. You won’t go to heaven because your mother or father is a believer; you must be born-again yourself. Then, through faith in Jesus, you become adopted into God’s family. “But as many as received Him (Jesus), to them He gave the right to become children of God …” John 1:12.

Last modified Oct. 21, 2010