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Hope in the Heartland

War like no other

Pastor, Gracepoint, Peabody

They called it a “war.” My attention was riveted to the skirmish because it was so weird and because I couldn’t believe that it was actually happening in front of my eyes.

And when the flour dust settled, only one person emerged as the victor and had the odd privilege of telling his friends that he was the conqueror in that culinary clash knows around the world as — “Cupcake Wars.”

It’s another example of how we toss words around, misapplying them often.

A “war?” Really?

War is a terrible thing. The costs are high and the consequences are tragic. War destroys and kills. And you are in a war right now — a war that you cannot win on your own. It is a spiritual battle with eternal consequences and we are on one side or the other. There are no spectators. And the Bible tells us ahead of time who wins. Want to know more? Want to be on the winning side? Then go enlist at your local Bible-believing church. You’ll be glad you did.

Last modified Sept. 9, 2010