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Hope in the Heartland

Pastor of Peabody Bible Church

I talk with my hands. I wave them. I point here. I aim there. I’ve been told that if I was forced, by rope or duct tape, to keep my hands and arms perfectly still I would not be able to talk.

But if my gestures don’t seem to match my words then there is trouble.

The above is true for any communicator. It is also true for any church.

Our actions in life should support our statements of faith. Our generation does not have the patience to wait around until a church practices what it preaches.

Do you even know what your church is trying to say to the community? Do you have any idea what the community actually sees your church “say”?

The church has an incredibly important message of hope and forgiveness. But when our actions do not match our message, people disconnect and leave. And the message never gets heard.

As a believer, I have to constantly ask myself if there is a more effective way I can communicate the message of hope. And I know that the first way is to know it. The second way is to live it. If I expect people to hear what I say, I should want to know and show. Honest people do not expect perfection, but they do demand consistency. In my life. In my church. In yours too.

Last modified Dec. 2, 2009