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Hope in the Heartland

Gracepoint Church, Peabody

Callie stepped back, but kept hold of her Grandpa’s warm hands.

“Once we get home, we sure have a lot to catch up on … and plenty of time to do it.”

She released his hands.

“Stand up. Grandpa.”

When he did, Callie’s heart filled with radiant joy. This day was even better than she had imagined. She turned and walked to the foot end of the bed, and her grandpa came and stood beside her. They remained silent as they looked at the place that Clarence had called home for the last six months.

The door opened and the nurse walked into the room, followed by a tall man in a long, white lab coat. Callie watched as the doctor walked to the side of the bed and examined the form still lying there.

“I’ve completed the paperwork, Dr. Alderson. I just need your signature.”

She handed him the clipboard.

Callie glanced at her grandpa, who was watching everything with solemn contemplation.

“Come on, Grandpa,” she said, tugging on his hand until he turned to look at her.

But then the doctor spoke again, reading Clarence’s name out loud. Callie watched as her grandpa turned and faced the bed again.

“Time of death?” the doctor asked, his pen poised above the clipboard.

“Twelve o’clock, noon, exactly,” the nurse replied.

Clarence looked at Caliie and smiled. Then they both spoke in unison, “Let’s go home.”

This is the final installment of a four-part series.

Last modified Oct. 6, 2011