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Hope in the Heartland

No other name

Gracepoint Church, Peabody

Have you ever heard someone blaspheme the name of Joseph Smith? Or take the name of Mohammed in vain? Ever blushed after someone threw a fit and turned Krishna or Charles Taze Russell’s name into a curse word? Have you ever jumped in surprise after someone smashes their thumb with a hammer and screams, “Mary Baker Eddy?”

Yeah … me neither. Is it coincidental that the one name that matters more than any other name ever given has become the one used in such vile ways? That name, according to Acts 4:12, is Jesus Christ. And among all the names mentioned above, there is not one that has the authority to offer forgiveness and eternal life. There is not one who was referred to as the perfect lamb of God. There is not one that hung on a cross, then rose from the dead.

Only Jesus did those things. This time of the year turns our focus to this glorious fact. The unique Christ Jesus is above all.

Last modified April 10, 2014