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How to make a turkey dinner by Goessel second grade students

Students in Ann Hiebert’s and Lynda Schroeder’s second-grade classes at Goessel Elementary School were asked how to make a turkey dinner. Here are their responses.

Ann Hiebert’s class

1. Kill a turkey and use its meat. 2. Make stuffing and put it inside the turkey and put olive oil into and then put it in the oven. 3. Make ham and eggs and put it on too. 4. Make onion ring as a side dish and finally eat it.

— Logan S.

What I like to eat at Thanksgiving is ham, corn, potatoes, and chocolate pie.

— Kaleigh

A good Thanksgiving dinner would be turkey and mashed potatoes. Maybe grapes. We usually go to my aunt’s house. I usually play with my cousins. I have fun.

— Chloe

I have turkey at Thanksgiving and jelly and juice. I like Thanksgiving. My Grandpa and Grandma play with me. I love them a lot.

— Riley

How to make a good turkey dinner. 1. Set the table. 2. Get food. 3. Invite friends. 4. Eat!

— Zach

Step one: Get pumpkin pie. Step two: Cook the turkey. Step three: Get ready the mashed potatoes. Step four: Get the drinks ready. Step five: Set the table. Step six: Enjoy your Thanksgiving.

— Alyssa

You have to buy a turkey. You need to stuff it. Then you eat it.

— Ivory

At Thanksgiving my family eats together. We have mashed potatoes and gravy. We also have turkey.

— Annalise

Lynda Schroeder’s class

First you buy a raw turkey. Then you cut it up. And put it in the oven. And make mashed potatoes while the turkey is baking.

— Emily

1. I bought the turkey. 2. I took the turkey and I took the plastic off. 3. I put the turkey in the oven. 4. I ate the turkey.

— Cassoday

The first instruction is you put it in the Crock Pot. You keep in on for the whole night then you take it out. Finally you eat it.

— Rylee

First buy your turkey. Then put water in the turkey fryer. Next you put the knob on heat. Then you put the turkey in the fryer. Keep it in there 1½ hours. Finally you are done.

— Lyna

First you buy it. Then you cook it. Then you eat it. Then you can eat some pumpkin pie, and you can eat mashed potatoes and gravy and stuffing.

— Katie

1. You cook the turkey. 2. Then you cook the peas. 3. Then you cook the mashed potatoes. 4. Then you cook the green beans. 5. Then you pass them around. 6. Then you eat all of it.

— Sammie

First you shoot a turkey. Second you bring it home. Third you cook it. Fourth you set the table. Fifth you put other food on the table. Next you take the turkey out. Then you cut it. Finally you put it on the table and eat it.

— Jacob

First: You buy a turkey. Second: You put the turkey in the stove. Third: You set the timer to 15 minutes. Fourth: When the timer beeps, you take the turkey out of the stove. Fifth: You set the turkey on the table. Last: You eat the turkey.

— Benjamen

1. You get a turkey. 2. You kill it. 3. You set the table. 4. You cook it. 5. You get other food. 6. You eat it.

— Timothy

1. Turn on the oven to 100. 2. Cake and turkey go in for 100 hours. 3. Cut the turkey. 4. Eat. The end.

— Bane

1. I bought the turkey. 2. You warm up the water. 3. You boil the turkey. 4. You wait for a while. 5. And then you eat it.

— J.J.

First you put the turkey in the oven. 2. You take it out of the oven. 3. You cut the turkey. 4. You put the pieces on a plate. 5. You put the plate on the table. 6. Then enjoy.

— Caiden

First you cook it then you let it cool down.

— David

First you buy a turkey. Second you take it home. Third you take it inside. Fourth you cook it. Fifth you eat it.

— Logan W.

1. Put water in the pan. 2. Put the turkey in the oven. 3. Leave it in the pan for two minutes. 4. The mom takes it out. 5. Set it on the counter. 6. Mom gets the plates out and sets the turkey on the table.

— Desyra

What we do on Thanksgiving is go to grandma’s and I play with my cousins in the backyard. We play on trampoline but the best part is the Thanksgiving dinner. We have mashed potatoes, turkey, pumpkin pie, and ice cream.

— Elsie

Shoot a turkey and burn the turkey. Put the turkey on the table and invite people over to eat it.

— Jevin

You buy a turkey. Then you heat it up and you boil it. You bring it to the table. Then you eat it.

— Skyler

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